Galata Wind acts with the awareness that sustainability, which the company sees as part of good corporate governance, is an important element that strengthens stakeholders' belief and trust in the company. Fulfilling its responsibilities to stakeholders and increasing accountability with an increasing focus on all environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance are among the company's key objectives.  

To this end, a Sustainability Committee was established in 2022, reporting directly to the Board of Directors and overseeing the treatment and management of sustainability-related issues at the highest decision-making level of the company. The Sustainability Committee is tasked with supporting the Board of Directors in fulfilling its management and oversight responsibilities in the area of sustainability. The Committee is tasked with advising the Board of Directors on environmental, social, corporate governance and other human capital- related issues ("ESG issues"). The Working Principles of the Committee can be found on Sustainability Committee and Working Principles

The Committee shall monitor global developments related to sustainability and/or general changes in ESG issues, major issues, topics and details that directly affect the Company, inform the Board of Directors about these issues and advise the Board of Directors. The Committee also advises the Board on what it can do to support the Company's continued progress on ESG issues. It also monitors actions or initiatives taken to prevent, mitigate and manage risks related to ESG issues. It draws attention to issues that could have a significant negative impact on the company or on stakeholders and forwards them to the relevant bodies. It follows up on the taking of necessary precautionary measures and the establishment of systems. . 

The Sustainability Working Group, which is made up of managers and employees from all areas of the company, including Human Resources, Finance and Health, Safety, Environment&Quality, informs this committee directly. The company also receives strategic sustainability management consultancy services from an expert consulting firm and organizes its processes in accordance with the expectations of international standards.


Galata Wind Sustainability Management Structure 1


Galata Wind Investment Committee 

The Board of Directors of Galata Wind established the Investment Committee with the aim of ensuring the sustainability of the investments made by the company. It was formed based on the decisions on the vision and sustainability strategies in line with the forecasting and objective assessment of investment risks at a high level and the timely communication of the results to the Board of Directors, the efficient use of resources and the consistency of strategic investments with the company's environmental, social and governance objectives . 

The Committee shall ensure that Galata Wind A.Ş., when making investment decisions, manages the processes correctly and in accordance with the Company's strategies, establishes the investment policy, anticipates the Company's ESG risks, submits the required risk analyzes to the Board of Directors, and monitors the investments. The Committee is responsible for submitting to the Board of Directors the opinions of other Board Committees (Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Human Resources, Early Detection of Risk, etc.)


Galata Wind Sustainability Strategy  


Please find our Policies under Corporate Governance titled Policies.