Hüseyin Faik Açıkalın
Hüseyin Faik AçıkalınChairman

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Middle East Technical University, Faik Açıkalın began his banking career in 1987 as a management trainee at Interbank. He subsequently held various positions, including Internal Auditor, Relationship Manager, Branch Manager and Marketing Manager at Interbank, Marmarabank, Kentbank, Finansbank and Demirbank. In May 1998, he joined Dışbank— later renamed Fortis following its acquisition by the eponymous international finance group—as Executive Vice President. Later that year, he was appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) responsible for the coordination and communication between the Board of Directors and business units. He also assumed his position as a Member of the Credit Committee. In June 1999, Açıkalın was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a member of the Board of Directors. In December 2000, he became CEO of Dışbank. Following the acquisition of the majority shares of Dışbank by Fortis in July 2005, he continued to serve as CEO of the bank after it was renamed Fortisbank. Within that period he worked at international management of Fortis. In October 2007, he resigned from his duties at Fortisbank and became CEO of Doğan Gazetecilik. In April 2009, Açıkalın was appointed Executive Director of Yapı Kredi’s Board of Directors and was also appointed Chairman of the Executive Committee.

Serving as Yapı Kredi’s CEO since May 2009, in addition to his current role, Açıkalın was also appointed as CEO of Koç Financial Services in 2010 Furthermore, in August 2011, Açıkalın became the President of Koç Holding’s Banking and Insurance Group. Açıkalın also still serves as Chairman of Yapı Kredi Malta, Yapı Kredi Invest, Yapı Kredi Leasing, Yapı Kredi Factoring, Yapı Kredi Bank Nederland NV, Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan, Yapı Kredi Bank Moscow, Yapı Kredi Koray Real Estate Investment Trust, and Koç Finansman A.Ş., and as Vice Chairman of Banque de Commerce et de Placements S.A. and Allianz Yaşam ve Emeklilik and as Director of the Banks Association of Turkey. At the end of 2017, Açıkalın left his duties at Koç Holding, YKB and its subsidiaries. Hüseyin Faik Açıkalın has been serving as an Independent Board Member on Doğan Holding's Board of Directors since March 30th, 2018.

Ozan Korkmaz
Ozan KorkmazMember

Ozan Korkmaz, who is the founding partner of APLUS Energy and SmartPulse Technology companies, has more than 15 years of experience in the energy sector. His areas of expertise include energy demand and price forecasting models, feasibility and engineering studies of electricity generation investments, operational regime optimization in thermal and hydroelectric power plants, electricity transmission & distribution & retail tariff modeling and consultancy. Before founding APLUS, Ozan Korkmaz, who has studies in the academic field related to energy markets, worked as a consultant on many projects on energy generation and distribution during this period. After graduating from Middle East Technical University, Civil Engineering Faculty, Korkmaz completed his MSc. degree in Hydroelectric Energy in the same department and still continues his PhD. studies at Istanbul Technical University in the field of Energy Engineering.

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