Universities & Academic Internship Programs

Collaborations between Galata Wind and target universities and departments are made in order to develop and increase the young talent pools of the future. In addition, summer internship and part-time intern programs are arranged within Galata Wind. As of 2022, projects continue to be carried out together with Doğan Holding to bring young talents into Galata Wind.

We met with students at our stand, Yıldız Technical University Spring Festival
Yalova University 3rd Energy Days Taşpınar Power Plant Manager Ahmet Aytaç participated as a speaker.


Social Responsibility – Galata Wind Positive Energy Ambassadors

Positive Energy Ambassadors who are voluntarily formed from Galata Wind employees, carry on its social responsibility initiatives with the philosophy of touching every color of life through 4 main topics: equality of opportunity in education, gender equality, sustainable environment and animal rights.

Positive Energy Ambassadors held their first event on May 19th Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day. Our volunteers took 50 female students of Kasımpaşa Oya Kayacık Children Protection Institution on a tour of Aqua Florya Aquarium with their teachers. The aim of this trip, which was made with children and young people affected by the pandemic, was to create an opportunity for them to socialize, to introduce them to the fascinating world of life under the sea and to learn about sustainability.

On June 5th World Environment Day, we collected waste and trash in the Belgrade Forest with the participation of Galata Wind Positive Energy Ambassadors to raise awareness about environmental cleanliness and ignite a spark for a cleaner environment. In this event, where we collected a total of 24 garbage bags of waste, we realized that the majority of the waste was plastic and glass bottles.


Motivational Activities

As Galata Wind, we organize activities with our employees regularly in order to ensure that employees spend time together outside of work and to strengthen communication even more.

On March 8, Women's Day, we met at the EFT and Energy Event under the leadership of our Investor Relations Director Müge Yücel.