Galata Wind recognizes that the climate crisis caused by climate change is a social and economic threat that impacts not only developing or underdeveloped economies, but also societies in all regions of the world. Galata Wind operates in the field of renewable energy, which is the main element in the fight against the climate crisis, and acts exclusively with the commitment to produce renewable energy.

As Galata Wind, one of our most important goals is to lead the transition to low-carbon business models with renewable energy sources in our product portfolio.

As an investment in a clean and safe environment for future generations, Galata Wind is also committed to transitioning to 100% renewable energy throughout its lifecycle by 2030.

Galata Wind's climate change policy has been developed in line with Galata Wind's sustainability strategy and is in line with the expectations of the Doğan Group of Companies, of which the company is a part, which reinforce sustainable resource use, a culture of environmental protection and the fight against climate change.

We are making progress in reducing the environmental impact resulting from Galata Wind's activities, protecting biodiversity, supporting sustainable development, and sharing information by challenging the expectations of each stakeholder in this area.

With a total installed renewable energy capacity of 269 MW, Galata Wind aims to reach an installed capacity of 500 MW by 2025 in order to be Turkey's clean electricity provider with an environmentally friendly, reliable and sustainable business model to reduce our country's dependence on foreign energy through the proper use of renewable energy sources.

In line with the above factors, Galata Wind's climate protection policy and the goals associated with this policy include the following principles:

  • We provide accessible and clean energy for future generations (SDG 7), take action to address environmental impacts caused by climate change (SDG 13), and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We are reducing our Scope 1 emissions to achieve zero carbon target (Net-Zero) in all our operations and activities by 2030.
  • We monitor the global emissions market and the ESG-supportive sustainable finance sector, which enables us to access the resources needed to invest more in clean energy in Turkey and abroad, and consider our investors as our most important business partners.
  • We act with the understanding that one of the most important elements in the fight against climate change is transparency, and we are committed to reporting all of our sustainability performance, including our environmental data, to our stakeholders through regular and accessible sources.
  • To create social value and combat climate change, we support all sectoral associations, partnerships, institutions, and organizations with which we collaborate, in line with common goals and evaluate opportunities for cooperation. (SDG 17)