Performance Management

Performance Review System and Process is carried out in 360 degrees on a digital platform, covering only white-collar employees. The Performance process contains both KPIs & objectives and competency reviews. The company objective is included in individual performance in different weights at all levels.

Remuneration Management

Our Remuneration Management System is designated and updated depending on job grading, market conditions, and performance components with the principle of “equal pay for equal work”. The system is carried out on a digital platform in line with fair, objective, high performance appreciative, competitive, rewarding, and motivating criteria. Job grades in the company are identified based on criteria such as duty, title, scope, competence, and experience.

Education & Progress – Talent Management

Galata Wind embraces an organizational culture that encourages learning and improvement with the aim to raise employees who are skilled and versatile. Progress programs are organized to both improve the personal skills of employees and to enhance their way of working so that the overall success and productivity of Galata Wind also improve.

For all managers and above employees of Galata Wind, company talent maps are created with 9-box management together with potential scales that are established in parallel to the Group competencies. These maps help to identify; high potential employees who can fill high-level roles in the short, medium, and long term, permanent low performance employees who are potentially not included in the future plans, and employees who need to be supported for their development. Galata Wind’s key roles as well as the back-up roles and positions (n-1 & n-2) are determined this way.

Employees with high potential are supported with coaching, mentoring and other special programs that may cover a period of 6 months to 3 years depending on the career plan that is developed by creating employee specific training, improvement, and learning processes.


Training needs analyses conducted in line with the job, position and career plans of the employees and annual training budget and plans are prepared. Tools such as performance outputs, development surveys and the requirements of the completed works are used for training needs analysis.

Leadership Development

Long-term Leadership Development Programs are organized to improve the leadership skills of managers in relation to talent management.

Personal Development

Training planned and practiced in order to support the competencies of the employees.


Training in order to increase the technical knowledge and skills of the employees.

Foreign Language

New generation foreign language platform training provided to employees in line with the vision and mission of the company.

Legal Obligation

Training that are under the obligation of the employer according to the legal legislation.

Gelişimle Doğan Platformu

Regular development support is provided to Galata Wind employees with the platform, which is not designed specifically and has hundreds of training contents, and can also be followed through the mobile application.