Material issues that will guide Galata Wind's sustainability strategies and policies and form the content of future reports were identified in 2022. Prior to this study, which was carried out in accordance with our company's sphere of influence and stakeholders' expectations in the social, environmental, economic, ethical and governance areas, key stakeholders were also determined using the system proposed by AA1000SES.

The scope of the material issues identified was as broad as possible, and the issues and problems that affect all Galata Wind operating centers were explored. The following resources were evaluated for the issues that were focused on for the priority workshop, which was attended by managers and employees from all Galata Wind units and sites:

  • Sectoral reports
  • ESG Priorities of Peers
  • Stakeholder expectations of the company on various platforms (surveys, meetings, presentations, communication tools, etc.)
  • ESG references of laws and regulations
  • CMB and BIST expectations
  • Expectations of Analysts and Rating Agencies
  • International Standards and Voluntary Codes
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • UN Human Rights Guidelines for companies
  • Priorities of Dogan Holding

Since the day Galata Wind began addressing sustainability-related processes with its strategic sustainability management, the company has continued its efforts to meet the expectations of global standards.

The underlying element of these standards is the management of the social, environmental, economic and ethical impact areas arising from the companies' activities, learning the primary concerns and expectations of its stakeholders in these areas, and creating a transparent and sustainable business model in line with these expectations.

In this regard, Galata Wind conducted its first study in 2022 and defined its materiality areas, began its studies to focus its stakeholder engagement strategies on these areas, set its strategies and policies, and organized the content of the reports to be published in the global sustainability standards in accordance with these focus areas.

Due to changing global standards, economic and social conditions, and differentiation of market dynamics in the industry in which Galata Wind operates, the materiality areas study will be reviewed periodically and may be repeated as needed.

The following Materiality Areas Matrix contains the results of assessments made in accordance with the company's strategic priorities, social, environmental, economic and ethical priorities, and the expectations of key stakeholders in the sector in which Galata Wind operates.