Clean energy for a clean future Inspired by nature, Galata Wind's vision is to generate 100% clean energy for a clean future. Galata Wind, with the benefit of the Doğan Group’s more than 60 years of experience, offers the unique power of the sun and the wind to millions of families throughout Turkey. With our commitment to progress, we are investing in new and sustainable energy sources, creating a cleaner future.

Continuing its activities as a subsidiary of Doğan Holding since 2012, Galata Wind generates 100% renewable sourced, environmentally friendly electrical energy and reduces carbon emissions by approximately 400,000 tons per year. With a total installed capacity of 290 MW, Galata Wind's goal is to reduce our country's dependence on foreign energy by using renewable energy sources correctly, and to become Turkey's clean electricity provider with an environmentally friendly, reliable and sustainable business model.

Total Installed Capacity


It reduces 430,000 tons of carbon emission annually.


Mersin WPP, one of the wind power plants owned by the company, received its generation license in 2007 and became operational in 2010. Sah WPP was licensed in 2008 and commissioned in 2011. Having made an additional capacity investment of 12 MW in Şah WPP and 9 MW in Mersin WPP in 2013, Galata Wind invested an additional 20.7 MW in Mersin WPP with the state-of-the-art turbines of that period in 2017, making the total installed power of Sah WPP and Mersin WPP, 105 MW and 62.7 MW respectively.

Galata Wind received the preliminary license in 2017 and the license in 2020 for the Taşpınar WPP project, which it developed in-house, and started its construction in the same year. Taşpınar WPP was commissioned with full capacity at the end of March 2021. In 2023, a capacity increase of 11.8 MW was done with additional 2 turbines, bringing the installed capacity to 79 MW. Additionally, as part of the Hybrid SPP project, 9.4 MW of solar energy capacity was added in 2023. Construction of the second phase of the Hybrid SPP, which will have a total capacity of 42 MW, is ongoing.

Our Values and Principles

Our common values make us who we are, and We Appreciate The Value of our roots, what we have, our knowledge and efforts, our country and our people.

Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to act at the right time and always look for the next big thing while keeping pace with change. We nurture creative ideas through curiosity and education and Bring Innovation to our business.

We are committed to being honest and adhering to our code of ethics and laws under all circumstances. We work to ensure a sustainable life for future generations while Acting With Responsibility and Transparency for society and our environment.

We wake up every day at our very best, motivated to make our dreams come true, work to achieve our goals and become leaders, all while Approaching Our Work With Passion.

We Achieve Together. by always looking for solutions, sharing knowledge and experience, trusting and supporting each other, appreciating and celebrating one another and embracing our differences.